A down-on-his-luck videographer breaks his estranged mother out of prison to steal the grand prize from a filthy rich YouTuber ? a million-dollar Bitcoin.


    Samurai Posted on May 14, 2020 in Comedy.

    The million-dollar Bitcoin is nonexistent – a red herring. The real story here is that these bungling idiots must reconcile their differences during the short time they have together.

    This is a story I have been developing, feel free to take this in any direction that comes to you.

    on May 14, 2020.
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      There’s definitely something here but I think the motivation for the bitcoin needs to be apparent to the reader. Currently, I feel like the only reason he’s going after it is because he’s down on his luck. I also think you need to clarify why he MUST break his mum out of prison – she has to be a master criminal/hacker. It’s a comedy so some absurdity in the situation will be expected but we have to believe they are remotely capable of this.

      The issue I have with a bitcoin being the prize… it’s a digital currency. So are we simply going to watch a guy and his master hacker mum sitting at a computer for 90mins? How do you even steal a bitcoin?

      Why videographer? How does this play in? Doesn’t necessarily have to be apparent in the logline, but I think a logline works better when there’s a continuous and obvious connection between the words chosen.

      Why is nobody else trying to steal this bitcoin?

      If they’re bungling idiots, how have they got a chance of succeeding? We watch Home Alone and we know from the start, the 8 year old is gonna win. If these guys are the protagonists, we have to want them succeed – so we have to believe they can.

      Very interested to see where this goes though.

      Hope this helps.

      Singularity Answered on May 14, 2020.

      Good stuff Mike!

      • Agreed on the motivation for the Bitcoin, was playing around with him being a wannabe or a rival YouTuber, or just broke. I will come up with a better motivator.
      • Yes, on the MUST for mom. I did not want to overload the adjectives so I just ran with estranged but will think of something to fill that gap to make this more of a believable ?get mom ? get the gold? heist.
      • Bitcoin is a digital currency, but he is not breaking mom out to hack. The YouTuber opens a suitcase (like in Pulp Fiction) and shows off a giant gold coin with the Bitcoin ?B? on it as the grand prize. Our bungling thieves believe that prop is worth a mil and that is what they intend to steal. BTW the 1 mil Bitcoin virtual prize $ is a real prize in the movie.
      • Our Videographer was hired by the YouTuber to record his videos ? that is how he got this hair brain idea. Originally, he was an Editor, but that was too vague. If you can think of some better means to portray please help.
      • Why is no one else trying to steal? I thought of a scenario where only a select few of the YouTuber subscribers ?donating an exorbitant amount? can have access to the grand prize and know the details. To the other subscribers, it is just a tease to get them donating to participate. Also, only the YouTuber?s close circle of friends know it?s a prop, our protag was allowed to record it for the vids but never touch, and how the YouTuber and his friends treat the prop – to him it appears real.
      • They are bungling idiots and destined to fail, but I will give glimmers of hope throughout to keep you going. I plan on making the YouTuber completely oblivious to their actions until the end like the universe has bestowed an insane amount of dumb luck on this guy ? no matter how hard they try to hurt/steal.

      Mike, I know that Home Alone story by heart, but still love to watch that ****show ? in the end that kids arc was discovering what it means to be a family ? my story will be the same.

      on May 15, 2020.
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        Based on the input thus far, this is where I am now with the logline:

        A bankrupt cameraman breaks his estranged master thief mother out of prison to steal the grand prize from a filthy rich YouTuber ? a million-dollar Bitcoin.


        Should I change “master thief ” to something completely ridiculous – like pickpocketing? Breaking out mom because she has master thief skills to steal makes sense but not funny, him breaking out mom because she stole some wallets and he thinks that’s enough to pull this heist off is funny.

        A bankrupt cameraman breaks his estranged pickpocketing mother out of prison to steal the grand prize from a filthy rich YouTuber ? a million-dollar Bitcoin.

        Suggestions are welcome, I would love to get a laugh out of the logline.

        Samurai Answered on May 16, 2020.
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          Sounds like a fun comedy, Odie! I love concepts with two totally different main characters going against each other, especially in a fun and idiotic way 😉

          After I read your response to Mike I have a few questions:

            • Does the mother help him in winning the prize or is she just a bystander?


            • Is the grand prize just an excuse from the videographer or does he actually want to win the prize? (You wrote it is just a red herring, that’s why I ask)


            • Do you want to focus your story on the relationship of these two? (I think that’s where you’re going right now)


          My advice to you is: Focus on the videographer and his estranged mother. I think this love-hate relationship has some great potential to make us laugh. Reminds me a little bit of Harry and Marv in Home alone 🙂

          Samurai Answered on May 15, 2020.

          Thanks, Savinh0.

          • The down-and-out protag has no chance of winning the grand prize (GP), he’s just the guy who records videos for the filthy rich YouTuber on his set. Thus the reason he needs to break his thief mom out to pull off the heist to steal it. FYI: the YouTuber lives in a mansion with security and stronghold to keep his valuables e.g. the briefcase with the gold coin (prop ;)).? The coin is just the physical representation of the virtual Bitcoin GP used by the YouTuber to entice his subscribers.
          • To the protag the GP is a ticket out of his miserable life, he believes he and mom (once the heist is successful) are going to split the $ before going their separate ways, later on, they both find the meaning of being a family.
          on May 16, 2020.
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