RE: “After a series of bizarre events erupt across the globe, a self-sabotaging math genius is forced, along with a team of hand-picked misfits, to? maintain a bug ridden simulation, namely, life as we know it.” Title: ‘Revelations’ – 1 Hour Scifi TV Pilot

      gilligaj Penpusher Posted on April 24, 2020 in SciFi.
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        This is a bit wordy and lacks a clear cause and effect relationship.

        “…a series of bizarre events…” is too vague, what one event spurs him or her to take action?

        How will the MC being a self-sabotaging math genius help or hinder their efforts? In other words, what is the main character’s flaw?

        More importantly, as this is a series, the premise engine isn’t clear. Good series loglines need a premise that will reliably generate new scenarios for each episode. There’s something there with the simulation thing (reminiscent of the Matrix), but it’s not clear enough how it will be interesting to see this story unfold episode after episode. Predominantly, this is as the logline fails to describe a flawed character that will clash with the world around them in their pursuit of an ambition.



        Singularity Answered on May 2, 2020.
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